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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Factory Study Tour : Toshiba 京浜事業所

Toshiba is well known as reputable electric manufacturer in Japan and within the world. Products from Toshiba are spread out from the small part with low voltage and low power consumption into products that employ higher voltage and higher power consumption. From notebook, household appliances into electric machinery and generator are some products of Toshiba with high quality warranty.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Place to Visit in Tokyo :Yamanote Line (山手線) - Tokyo Station (東京駅) (1)

After several months living in Tokyo, currently I know some places that categorized as must-seen-or-visit in this city. Despite there are some places I haven't visited yet, but for sure it will be my future destination.

Through the list, regardless I went it by myself or as a bunch of friends, it has attract me for a lot of exceptional things. It could be for the buildings and skyscrapers or maybe for the unique structure into the outstanding "crazy" people spreading on that area. Fabulously, it gave me a good perspective and of course experience through this city as well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The First FST on Spring Semester : Nissan Company

At the first trip of FST on the spring semester, we were visit Nissan Company. Nissan Company is one of the famous car and automobile manufacturer in Japan as well as in the world.

At the beginning of the tour, we were listening for the presentation about Nissan and what currently they do. With a new challenge to reduce air pollution and dependencies on fossil fuel, Nissan has focused to produce car and automobile based on the Electricity Vehicle (EV). It means the car would utilize the electric power as the source of energy and to push aside the conventional car using fossil fuel. This concept has strong desire in accordance to tackle environmental issues that facing the world.