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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Place to Visit in Tokyo :Yamanote Line (山手線) - Tokyo Station (東京駅) (1)

After several months living in Tokyo, currently I know some places that categorized as must-seen-or-visit in this city. Despite there are some places I haven't visited yet, but for sure it will be my future destination.

Through the list, regardless I went it by myself or as a bunch of friends, it has attract me for a lot of exceptional things. It could be for the buildings and skyscrapers or maybe for the unique structure into the outstanding "crazy" people spreading on that area. Fabulously, it gave me a good perspective and of course experience through this city as well.

Okay, let's start the list :

1. Yamanote Line (山手線)
To tell the truth, this city has really good well management for their public service, tourism guide, into transportation. Amazingly, they can combine it into a piece of  remarkable system that make connection one into another. Regardless what the reason or background, but the fact that appear, it make you able to visit a lot of cool place in this city without asking for direction or even talk Japanese a litle bit (this also one of the reason why my Japanese improve slowly).

 In this case, I want to talk for one of the most popular line in this city and could be the most crowded. This line is called Yamanote Line (山手線). This Line become most popular as well as most crowded since this line had been build to connect several famous places in town. This line has loop circuit, which mean if you have a lot of free time, you can stay on the train as this train will passed the seem-look-alike station couple of time.

Some of the famous place that link with this line is really a lot. Moreover, you can say every station in this line has great temptation to stop for a while. But in this article, I just want to write several of them, mostly the place I have visited before.

a.   Tokyo Station (東京駅)

In this station, you might think it is the central station in Tokyo (due to it's name has the same name as the name of the city), but to be honest it is not the place where everything happen. But, the fact has shown, this station categorized as one of the busiest station as many line as well as trains operate in this station. We could say, if you want to travel around Japan using train, than it could be one of the options to get to, especially using Shinkansen, as this station has ability to transfer all train direction facing on the line of Japan.

Talking another aspect from this station, it is also pretty close to the imperial palace, the place of Japanese emperor which the symbol of Japan. But, don’t expect that you can go to Tokyo Tower, which is one of Tokyo symbol, from this station. If you want to visit Tokyo Tower from this station, it would keep such a long way to get on there.

The most interesting part from this station is the structure of it.

*This article was aimed to share of my opinions for several places in Tokyo

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