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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The First FST on Spring Semester : Nissan Company

At the first trip of FST on the spring semester, we were visit Nissan Company. Nissan Company is one of the famous car and automobile manufacturer in Japan as well as in the world.

At the beginning of the tour, we were listening for the presentation about Nissan and what currently they do. With a new challenge to reduce air pollution and dependencies on fossil fuel, Nissan has focused to produce car and automobile based on the Electricity Vehicle (EV). It means the car would utilize the electric power as the source of energy and to push aside the conventional car using fossil fuel. This concept has strong desire in accordance to tackle environmental issues that facing the world. 
However, to produce and divest electric vehicle on the market it need big effort. This would be related with the current technology implemented in the car into the supporting facilities to make sure electric vehicle has reliable operation. Nissan Company has seen this obstacle as their challenge to improve their concept on electric vehicle. As an example, Nissan developed new technology on the batteries that has been the main problem occurred on the size and duration. With new batteries technologies, it can reduce the size of batteries and increase the duration. Another example was relying on the supporting facilities. Similar like conventional car, electric vehicle also need recharging for their fuel but with different source, electric vehicle need electric charge for recharge.

After listening for the presentation, the next section was the company tour. During this tour, we were divided into three separate groups and watched several demonstrations. It was interesting because we can show several technologies directly from Nissan. Through this tour they also describe technology that they called “Safety Shield” which is one of the breakthroughs for safety riding.

One of the most interesting was the robot simulation. In this simulation, we watched several robots walk together in a loop circuit without striking the barrier and another robot. The robots also can maintain their speed and distance subsequently made line. This simulation was aimed to show us the new research result from Nissan that would be implemented on the next car they would produce. It implemented kind of artificial intelligent to the car to keep safety on the road.

At the end, we have small party that was organized by Nissan board. This party was really enjoyable and warm. 

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