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In this part, I will share some Links that I found it to be useful or just attracted me as well as my bookmarks :

Website for Bookmarks :
1. TED talks : inspiring talks from outrageous people.
2. The Japanese Page : teach you for 日本語 (hint : there are also a chat lounge to improve your Japanese)
3.National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning : Online Learning Teaching From Various Univ in India, most of I like is subject related to my field.
4. Animated Engines : teach about various engine from the inside, to learn how it is work
5. Jim Breen Japanese Page : some useful links to learn Japan and Japanese language

Me in the web :
1. ANTARA : "Tujuh Nilai Utama Kekuatan Industri Jepang"
    yang dirujuk pula oleh SURABAYA POST
2. SUGINAMI TV : "日本デイ (You can see in the title of "すぎなみニュース 21年度 No.49(平成22年3月7日号)")
3. Publikasi Riset : Majalah Inovasi Online, milik PPI Jepang.
4. My Final Bachelor thesis from Univ Indonesia

Powerful Software (FreeWare) :
1. Formulator Expressions : writing math equation into word processor
2. Free Download Manager : download manager
3. IndoDic E-Dictionary : powerful Indonesia - English and English - Indonesia Dictionary
4. Rikai-chan : Japanese pop-up, help to translate Japanese-to English/German/French/Russian (work for Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey)

Something Good to Remember :
1. Memories of Elektro 2006 - FT, University of Indonesia

another note :
in my 24th birthday
will be businessman - bring more contribution to society and above (Aug 2014)