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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Factory Study Tour (7) : Nippon Steel Kimitsu Work

The third factory study tour in this semester was held in Nippon Steel Kimitsu work area. This company has core business in steel manufacturing and its derivatives. Nippon Steel is well known as one of big companies within Japan due their ability to supply steel demands for other parties. The products exist of several types from plates, pipes, tubes and many more.

Same like other FST, at first we heard the presentation and short introduction of Nippon Steel from boards. After that we continue to have factory tour and visit the site process. We saw how huge the area of Nippon Steel that need us to ride bus to move from one site to another site, maybe this is the biggest company site during the FST programs.

The trip in general consists of 2 types of site, the production and process site and the recycling plant. The production and process site contain of step production to produce steel. From this view we have good experience how it is work. In another side, in recycling plant, we saw the garbage process to perform recycle garbage in this company.

The most interesting part was when entering the process rolling of steel products. In this section I saw the rolling process that deliver the plate steel from it basic form and manage it into other form or advanced one. The process take slowly and noisily which show us it really a hard process. We have opportunity to saw it quite close that made us could felt the very hot temperature applied into process. Work in hundred or a thousand degree Celsius, made the steel very very hot that able to shape it. I amaze with this hot temperature, even the closest gap between me and that process was maybe 50 meters but I really felt hot.

At the end, we went back to the campus and we got to have a break in the middle of trip.

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