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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Factory Study Tour - Life Safety Learning Center, Tokyo - Japan

My first experience of Factory Study Tour class was visited Honjo Boikan (Life Safety Learning Center) in Tokyo. This place was established with aims to strengthening people from disaster that can come up anytime and anywhere. It took about one hour from O-okayama campus to this place and along the trip we can saw some good spots around Tokyo. The first activities after we arrived in this place were watched a 3D movie that explain about disaster and explanation for safety action. After that we were divided into several groups consist of 15 people each group to follow another activities and did some simulation.

Inside the building there were several simulation gaining audience understanding of first action when disaster showed up. The first simulation we took were simulation of earthquake disaster. In this simulation we were step up into a machine simulator that shakes very hard (maybe 3.0 Richter scale) and we must kept our head and body under the table for safety. We complete this task perfectly and safely since we were followed the safety instruction for this simulation.

The next simulation was fire extinguish simulation. In this simulation we must turn off fire with fire extinguisher. Every participant must took a fire extinguisher in their hand. Fortunately, the fire was a "digital" fire not an original fire so we didn't have to be scared of its flame. The simulation showed the "digital" fire was on the big screen television and we must turn off the fire by spraying the fire extinguisher onto this screen. But before we ran to the screen we must shout "FIRE" in Japanese language (KAJIDA) to warn other people in the real condition.

The simulation of Wind and Typhoon disaster were become the next simulation. This is one of my favourite simulations because we were faced up with artificial typhoon disaster. We must used a coat to prevent our self from getting wet because in this simulation we were hit by strong wind and water same as a real typhoon (but in low level than the real typhoon of course). I was choose to stand up in the front of the line where the highest impact was hit.

The last simulation was the "fogging room" simulation. Why it is called "fogging room", because in this simulation we were entering a room full of fog and in this simulation we must get off that room as fast as we can. Like playing in the labyrinth we must found out the exit door (follow the sign) to escape. Maybe, it took several minutes in that room and honestly the smell is very sting and disgusting.

Finally, after followed some simulation and explanation for safety action, we are went to campus again. But, honestly it was very great experience following this program. Because from the experience that we have took from this place, we can take the right action to face disaster when it was showed up (but I hope it will not occur during my period in Japan).


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