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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tour of Ebara Corporation in Fujisawa District

For many centuries people are dealing with the term of energy in area of utilization and managing energy into their life. As the term energy is commonly related with the utilization of natural resources, the discussion on how to utilizing natural resources in appropriate way also takes a big portion to be discussed. This situation has encouraging the research and technology development into higher level.

Talking about energy and how people try to utilize and manage it into their life are something interesting and endless. From this point of view in the practical way we can see many companies and industries were established. They try to implement the technology with aims to achieve better output that can help human life. Due to the natural resources as the main resources of energy on this planet will be decrease from time to time, the proper way of technology implementation are substantial.

This situation is also encouraging us as a student to understand and start thinking for the condition in the future. Therefore from the Factory Study Tour we have valuable experience to visit some companies that active in the energy sector field. From this trip, we were considered of the matter that also triggers our spirit to think for the future.

Had visited the Sodegaura terminal as the terminal for LNG supply for Tokyo, which also the largest LNG terminal in Japan, as the third trip we went to Ebara Corporation in Fujisawa district. The trip was held on the January 19th and it was the first FST in this year. This trip also becomes the last trip for this semester.

Ebara Corporation was established in the 1920 and has the first plant in the Shinagawa area, Tokyo. This company is operating as manufacturer of fluid transfer machinery and become one of the top companies around the world. With the strength position as manufacturer of the pumps, compressor, and chillers production this company also able to expand their business into some countries as of made this company as a multinational company.

The first activities when we arrived at the office were presentation about Ebara Corporation and Ebara profile from the boards. In this presentation, we also saw a small demonstration of basic pump operation. Using basic principle of Mechanical Physics of force called centrifugal forces, the pump has been designed to capable flowing the water that flow in the pump into the desired direction. Instead controlling the direction of the water, the pump is also able controlling the speed and pressure of the water. By controlling this parameter we can manipulate water flowing to reach our desire. Simple and seems like having basic similar laboratory experiment as in the Senior High School.

The next activities after the presentation were company tour. Different with others FST activities, in this trip we were eligible to took pictures inside the company. However, due to the some restriction and company rules we were prohibited took pictures in several places. During the company tour we saw production and assembling process to build the pump machines and others machines which been guided of one Ebara staff. The guide along the tour also made some interactive activities by asking participants to did small part of process production by pushing buttons and touching some parts of the machines.

After the tour completed, the next activities were Q&A section. During this session many participants asking question about Ebara Corporation and also for energy issues. For each question the boards were answered enthusiastically. However the boards answered some questions in Japanese language which almost all of us did not understand. Fortunately the answers were translated and repeated in English (thanks to our FST translator Mr. Yusuke) that make us understand, include me.

From my point of view, this trip was gave us brief explanation of water energy management and utilization. Moreover this trip was also able opening my mind as well as broadening my knowledge on several water problems. Within many problems, water shortage issues are concerned as one of the major problems for the future years. Several countries such as in Europe, Asia, and Africa will face water deficiency and need to find solution. One of the solutions for this problem is by involving the water management to distribute the water from the sea or other sources into countries which need it, despite it will take a long distance. This solution will use water pump machines as the important role. This condition will be a good environment for the pump companies like Ebara Corporation to develop their business.


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